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Life with COVID19 – LogiTag Medical is back, in full Capacity

Hospitals are returning back to work as usual, surgery schedule is refilled, OR teams are overloaded again, essential departments that because of the Corona remained without patients, are returning to function with full power. LogiTag during the COVID19 virus have started to adjust its technologies and service level to work alongside with the COVID19, we realized that now more than before, LogiTag remote management solutions create more value to our customers.


New Features

LogiTag Medical’s Narcotic Cabinet enable Face Recognition to comply with COVID 19

Understanding the complex requirements and restrictions needed to protect hospital staff at OR from the COVID19, LogiTag developed face recognition access control capabilities to the Smart Cabinet for Narcotic product line. The new feature enables OR staff to access the system just by standing in front of the machine. For more information please contact LogiTag support team.

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